Northamptonshire community transport 

County advice overview

There is an active community transport sector in Northamptonshire which helps to connect residents without access to conventional transport and from isolated rural locations, to surrounding areas. 

Dial-a-Ride and Call and Go schemes provide a bookable service for people who have problems accessing public transport. For example, if you live too far from a bus stop, find it difficult getting on and off public buses, or there is no bus service nearby.

You do not need to be registered disabled or use a wheelchair to be eligible but must register for the service.

West and North Northamptonshire Councils provide a list of various community transport schemes, which can be browsed via the links below. 

Key tips

It is important to plan your use of community transport in advance. Services are often run by volunteers and pre-booking is essential. You may wish to consider:

  • Community transport providers are often in high demand, so it is best to book your journey several days in advance if you can.
  • You may need to register with the service in advance of your first booking and a membership fee sometimes applies in addition to travel costs.
  • At the time of booking, inform the provider of any mobility and accessibility needs you may have and which equipment you intend to travel with. 
  • Some operators offer a discount or are even free with a valid bus pass, so it is worth obtaining one, if you are eligible, even if you never catch a regular bus.
  • Not all Dial-a-Ride schemes can take you to hospital appointments or day care centres. These appointments can be arranged by your doctor, the hospital, social services, or you may be able to use a community car scheme.
  • Community car schemes are run by volunteers and the drivers will take you to hospital and doctor’s appointments and usually wait with you for your appointment. Some community car schemes can also take you to the shops or other destinations.


Gayton and Tiffield Community Minibus

A community minibus service for the communities of Gayton and Tiffield. Travel is free for people holding a bus pass.

Contact: 01327 353352

Lilbourne Community Minibus

Offers villagers trips into Rugby several times a week.

Contact: 07737 377825

Rushton Community Minibus

Offers regular weekly shopping trips, as well as monthly community trips to special shopping events and other places.

Contact: 01536 418 047

Wellibus Dial-a-Ride

A fully accessible, door to door minibus service for people in Wellingborough and surrounding villages to get to major supermarkets and the town centre, as well as clubs and social appointments.

Contact: 01933 223636

ABILITY Community Bus Service

An on-demand local bus service for the whole community, serving South Northants and North Oxfordshire. Services are free to holders of a concessionary bus pass.

Contact: 01327 604123

Daventry Area Community Transport Dial-a-Ride (DACT)

Door to door, weekly trips to Daventry town centre.

Contact: 01327 701665

Northampton Door to Door

For residents in the Borough of Northampton who cannot access public transport, due to restricted mobility or disability. Minibuses accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. Weekly trips include major supermarkets, transport to appointments and day care, as well as social visits.

Contact: 01604 583553

Travel costs

Community transport costs can vary depending on the service provided. 

Many schemes are run by not-for-profit organisations and only charge based on their actual operating costs. So, the fare you pay will be competitive with public transport costs in most cases. Fares are much cheaper than taxis and there is sometimes a reduced rate for bus pass holders.

Check with the individual provider when booking your trip, or browse their website, to receive an estimate of costs.

Special assistance

Assistance is variable for each service. Information can be found on an operator’s website or by contacting them by telephone.

When booking any community transport in your area, be clear about your mobility requirements and check in advance that the service is able to accommodate your mobility equipment.

Travelling with mobility equipment

Check with the individual community transport scheme, regarding travelling with mobility equipment. Services vary depending on the type and size of equipment that can be carried, due to space.  

Most minibuses are wheelchair accessible, although may have limited capacity for wheelchairs. 

Voluntary car schemes often require passengers to be able to transfer independently. Some can stow foldable wheelchairs and aids.

Any advice or information given by the Hubs Mobility Advice Service is impartial and correct at the time it is provided. However, as operators may change their services or equipment prior to your journey or booking, you are strongly advised to check any details directly with them shortly before you expect to travel.

Contact your local Hub

Get in touch with the Central England Hub for personal mobility advice and accessible travel information. Your Hub can help with local, national and international accessible travel advice.