How we help you 

If you have restricted mobility, are considering retirement from driving, or have a disability, the Hubs Mobility Advice Service (HMAS) will aim to provide all the answers you need for stress free travel without a car.  

HMAS is a FREE information and guidance service on the best accessible travel options for you. It is provided through this website and via 15 of the 20+ Driving Mobility centres nationwide. 

Each centre has dedicated Hubs experts who will assist you with inclusive transport queries if driving has always been, or is no longer, a viable choice.  

You can discover the most up to date local accessible transport guidance, by county or region, on this website or by contacting your local Hubs service. They will be able to provide friendly telephone, email or face-to-face support if needed, either at their centre or possibly in your home.  

Services may vary slightly between centres; however, all will provide FREE detailed advice on:  

  • Accessible buses and coaches 
  • Easy access rail and air travel  
  • Community transport 
  • Rights as a disabled passenger 
  • Hiring or purchasing the right scooters and wheelchairs 
  • Local, national and international travel planning 

For tailored travel advice, contact your local Hubs service